Tense recognition exercise

Do you know all the different tenses in English? Can you recognize them by just looking at their form? Here is a grammar exercise to test your understanding of tenses. You just need to read the sentences given below. They are in different tenses. See if you can identify them.

1. Who will have come to my rescue?

2. The boy is learning his lessons.

3. Girls outnumber boys in this class.

4. What do you mean?

5. I don’t know where she lives.

6. Burglars broke into his shop yesterday.

7. I can no longer tolerate this injustice.

8. She has been waiting for his call since morning.

9. This time tomorrow I will be playing with my kids.

10. Somebody has let the cat in.

11. Will you please come with me?

12. She finished the work in time.

13. Have you learned your lessons?

14. She had been bedridden for years before her death.

15. She ran into the room crying.

16. We waited with bated breath.


1. Future perfect tense (Form: will / shall have + past participle)

2. Present continuous (Form: is /am / are + ing form)

3. Simple present (Form: base form of the verb)

4. Simple present

5. Simple present

6. Simple past (Form: past tense form of the verb)

7. Simple present

8. Present perfect continuous (Form: has / have been + ing form)

9. Future continuous (Form: will be + ing form)

10. Present perfect (Form: has / have + past participle)

11. Simple future (interrogative) (Form: will + base form of the verb)

12. Simple past

13. Present perfect

14. Past perfect

15. Simple past

16. Simple past