Tenses exercise

Fill in the blanks with appropriate forms of the verb given in the brackets.

1.       We usually go to Singapore on a holiday, but this year we (go) to Bangkok.

2.       Heat (expand) and cold (contract).

3.       A good player (practice) every day.

4.       John usually (drink) coffee in the morning, but today he (drink) tea.

5.       The child (suffer) from pneumonia since last week.

6.       He (write) a novel since October last, and he is about to finish it.

7.       If he (work) hard, he will pass.

8.       I (help) you if I had had money.

9.       Time and tide (wait) for no man.

10.   By this time next year he (complete) the construction of his house.

11.   Whenever he is in London, my father (stay) with a friend of his.

12.   He (court) her for two years now, but he (not propose) to her yet.


1.       went

2.       expands, contracts

3.       practices

4.       drinks, drank

5.       has been suffering

6.       has been writing

7.       works

8.       would have helped

9.       waits

10.   will have completed

11.   stays

12.   has been courting, has not proposed