Tenses Quiz 1

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb.

1. I waited for my friend until he ————

a) came
b) had come
c) comes
d) will come.

2. He ran as quickly as he ————–

a) can
b) could
c) may
b) might

3. He went where he ————- find work.

a) will
b) can
c) could
d) shall

4. As he was not there, I ————- to his brother.

a) speak
b) spoke
c) was speaking
d) will not speak

5. He finished first though he ————- late.

a) would start
b) started
c) start
d) starts

6. Just as he ———— the room the clock struck seven.

a) enter
b) entered
c) will enter
d) enters

7. Answer the first question before you ————- any further.

a) proceed
b) proceeded
c) will proceed
d) would proceed

8. I forgive you since you ————-

a) repent
b) repented
c) will repent
d) would repent

9. He ———— because he was in a hurry.

a) runs
b) ran
c) run
d) had run

10. He stayed at home because he ———— feeling ill.

a) is
b) was
c) were
d) had


1. came
2. could
3. could
4. spoke
5. started
6. entered
7. proceed
8. repent
9. ran
10. was