Verbs followed by -ing forms – part I

After some verbs we can use an –ing form, but not normally an infinitive. Which verbs can be followed by an –ing form? Well, there are no specific rules. You have to memorize them. Some common verbs that are normally followed by –ing forms are given below. Some of these verbs can also be followed by an object + -ing form. Example sentences are given to provide context.


The boy admitted having stolen the money.

She did not admit knowing anything about him.


He appreciates spending his weekends with his family.

I don’t appreciate being alone for a long time.


Children should avoid spending too much time in front of the TV.

I couldn’t avoid meeting him.


We must consider buying another computer.

You must consider getting a new job.


We contemplated moving to a bigger house.

The poor woman contemplated committing suicide after her husband’s death.


We will delay starting the project until next week.


He denied committing the crime.

She denied lying to her mother.


I detest working on Sundays.

I detest having to wake up early in the morning.


I dislike getting into arguments with people.

She dislikes having to look after young children.

I dislike people telling me what to do.


I enjoy playing with my kids.

He enjoys making paper toys.