Verbs Quiz

Fill in the blanks with appropriate forms of the verb.

1. The prize was —————— away by the local team.

a) born
b) borne
c) bore
d) bear

2. He had ————– 1000 dollars for the painting, but couldn’t get it.

a) bid
b) bade
c) bidden
d) bode

3. After I had —————– him farewell, I hurried away.

a) bade
b) bid
c) bidden
d) bidding

4. The chief guest —————— the foundation stone of the new building.

a) lay
b) laid
c) lied
d) lain

5. The boy who had —————– the watch was caught.

a) steal
b) stole
c) stolen
d) stealing

6. We don’t —————- away anything useful.

a) throw
b) threw
c) thrown
d) throwing

7. The Israeli spies were ——————– in Iran.

a) hang
b) hung
c) hanged
d) hanging

8. The bucket ——————– in mid air at the end of a rope.

a) hung
b) hang
c) hanged
d) hanging


1. b) borne (Bear has two past participle forms – born and borne. When referring to the birth of a child born is used. In the sense of carry or endure, the past participle is borne.)

2. a) bid (Bid has two past participle forms – bidden and bid. Of these bid is used only in the case of offering a certain price at an action. In all other cases, bidden is used.)

3. c) bidden

4. b) laid

5. c) stolen

6. a) throw

7. c) hanged (Hang has two past participle forms – hung and hanged. Hung means ‘support’. Hanged means ‘put somebody to death by hanging him with a rope round the neck’.)

8. hung