Vocabulary exercise

From the given list of words select the word closest in meaning to the underlined word.

1. There was one problem, though: the negotiations were all a charade.

a) Series

b) Charter

c) Absurd pretense

d) Spate

2. Her social activities are circumscribed by her work commitments.

a) Limited

b) Entangled

c) Destroyed

d) Eroded

3. Our politicians are a bit of a parochial bunch.

a) Generous

b) Narrow-minded

c) Brave

d) Kind

4. I was discomfited to find the boss in the disco.

a) Irritated

b) Uncomfortable

c) Embarrassed

d) Displeased

5. He spent most of his life debunking politicians and self-styled god men.

a) Exposing

b) Cheating

c) Pacifying

d) Threatening

6. If peace is what you seek, you must stop drinking heavily and brawling publicly.

a) Quarreling

b) Preaching

c) Socializing

d) Threatening

7. He continued his tirade even after they asked him to shut up.

a) Denunciation

b) Eulogy

c) Discredit

d) Speech

8. He was neurotic, vindictive and insensitive as well as thoughtful and charismatic.

a) Forgiving

b) Vengeful

c) Uncomfortable

d) Eager


1. c) Absurd pretense

2. a) Limited

3. b) Narrow-minded

4. c) Embarrassed

5. a) Exposing

6. a) Quarreling

7. a) Denunciation

8. b) Vengeful