Words confused

Rob and steal

Rob: deprive somebody of his property; take (property) from a place unlawfully and often by force

Armed men robbed the state bank yesterday.

They robbed the traveler of his wallet.

Steal: to take and keep something which belongs to somebody else.

The master punished the boy for stealing the money.

Stay and stop

Stay: remain; keep still in the same place

We stayed in a farmhouse for our holidays.

Stop: to come to rest; to stay somewhere for a while

We stopped at the pub for a drink.

Access and excess

Few children in the villages have access to a computer.

The number of students who seeks access to the laboratory are in excess of 300.

Cease and seize

Cease: stop

Seize: take hold of something eagerly or violently

She never ceases to amaze me.

The policeman seized the thief by the collar.

Cite, sight and site

Cite: quote

He is quite fond of citing from the Vedas.

Sight: spectacle

That was a sight to see.

Site: place

They are building a factory on the site.

Conscience, cautious and conscious

Conscience: ethics, sense of right and wrong

One should have a clear conscience.

Cautious: careful, alert

One must be cautious while driving.

Conscious: aware, mindful

A healthy man is not conscious of his breathing.

He is conscious of his guilt.