Change degrees of comparison

Rewrite the following sentences as directed.

An example is given below.

The dog is the most faithful animal. (Use ‘faithful’ instead of ‘most faithful’.)

No other animal is as faithful as the dog.


1. Kochi is the best port in Kerala. (Use ‘better’ instead of ‘best’.)

2. Mount Everest is higher than any other peak in the world. (Use ‘highest’ instead of ‘higher’.)

3. Mount Everest is the highest peak in the world. (Use ‘high’ instead of ‘highest’.)

4. The Nile is longer than the Amazon. (Use ‘long’ instead of ‘longer’.)

5. Greenland is the largest island. (Use ‘large’ instead of ‘largest’.)

6. Oranges are cheaper than apples. (Use ‘cheap’ instead of ‘cheaper’.)

7. James is not as intelligent as Mark. (Use ‘more intelligent’ instead of ‘intelligent’.)

8. I don’t eat as much chocolate as you do. (Use ‘more’ instead of ‘much’.)

9. She is the richest woman in the country. (Use ‘rich’ instead of ‘richest’.)

10. Africa is hotter than any other continent. (Use ‘hottest’ instead of ‘hotter’.)


1. Kochi is better than any other port in Kerala.

2. Mount Everest is the highest peak in the world.

3. No other peak in the world is as high as Mount Everest.

4. The Amazon is not so long as the Nile.

5. No other island is as large as Greenland.

6. Apples are not as cheap as oranges.

7. Mark is more intelligent than James.

8. You eat more chocolate than I do.

9. No other woman in the country is as rich as her.

10. Africa is the hottest continent in the world.