Expressions without prepositions

Some common expressions are used without prepositions.

Verbs without prepositions

Some verbs are normally followed by direct objects without prepositions. Examples are: enter, discuss, marry, lack, resemble, approach etc.

  • We entered the compound. (NOT We entered into the compound.)
  • Let’s discuss your plans. (NOT Let’s discuss about your plans.)
  • She lacks tact. (NOT She lacks in tact.)
  • The baby resembles its mother. (NOT The baby resembles to its mother.)

Expressions of time

A number of expressions of time beginning next, last, this, that, one, every, each, some and any are used without prepositions.

  • See you next Sunday. (NOT See you on next Sunday.)
  • I will never forget meeting him that evening. (NOT I will never forget meeting him in that evening.)
  • Buses leave every ten minutes. (NOT Buses leave in every ten minutes.)

In an informal style, prepositions can be dropped in infinitive structures.

  • I have no money to buy food. OR I have no money to buy food with.
  • I have no place to go. OR I have no place to go to.
  • We need a house to live. OR We need a house to live in.

Prepositions are also dropped before what time.

  • What time does the train arrive? (More natural than ‘At what time does the train arrive?’)