Introductory it exercise

When the subject is an infinitive phrase, the sentence often begins with it. However, when we wish to emphasize the infinitive phrase, it can be put at the beginning, especially if it is short.

Rewrite the following sentences using ‘introductory it’.

1. To become a millionaire was his life-long ambition.

2. To withdraw now will be sheer folly.

3. To err is human, to forgive, divine.

4. To learn English is easy.

5. To understand his motive was difficult.

6. To think of it now would be premature.

7. To drive so fast could be dangerous.

8. To get such an offer must be tempting.

9. To consult specialists must be advisable.

10. To accept your advice is difficult.


1. It was his life-long ambition to become a millionaire.

2. It will be sheer folly to withdraw now.

3. It is human to err; it is divine to forgive.

4. It is easy to learn English.

5. It was difficult to understand his motive.

6. It would be premature to think of it now.

7. It could be dangerous to drive so fast.

8. It must be tempting to get such an offer.

9. It must be advisable to consult specialists.

10. It is difficult to accept advice.