Verbs Exercise

Fill in the blanks with the past or past participle form of the verb given in the brackets.

1.       The country is —————– by factions. (tear)
2.       Once Sydney Smith was asked his name by a servant and found to his dismay that he had —————— his own name. (forget)
3.       You couldn’t have —————- a better day for a drive. (choose)
4.       The old beggar was —————— by a mad dog. (bite)
5.       He —————– the book on the table. (lay)
6.       Walking through the jungle he —————- on a snake. (tread)
7.       He —————— a hasty retreat on the arrival of a policeman. (beat)
8.       You must reap what you have —————– (sow)
9.       His voice —————- as he spoke. (shake)
10.   His path was not —————– with flowers but he persevered. (strew)
11.   The explorers were ————— to death. (freeze)
12.   His voice —————— to a whisper. (sink)


1.       Torn
2.       Forgotten
3.       Chosen
4.       Bitten
5.       Laid
6.       Trod
7.       Beat
8.       Sown
9.       Shook
10.   Strewn
11.   Frozen
12.   Sank


The past participle form is used after be (is / am / are / was / were) and have (has / have / had). The past tense form is used in other cases.