General grammar exercise

May 24, 2014pdf

Rewrite as directed.

1. There was almost nothing in the box. (Rewrite using ‘hardly)

2. A few books are lying on the table. (Begin with the word ‘There’)

3. He stood on tip-toe. He reached for the apple. (Combine using a participle)

4. Would you please move a bit? (Change into a more polite request using mind.)

5. Two hundred children sat watching the game. (Begin with ‘There’)

6. It is not compulsory that you should attend the meeting on Monday. (Rewrite using ‘needn’t’)

7. He was in the habit of writing poems when he was a student. (Rewrite using ‘used to’)

8. It was not necessary for me to buy it, but I bought it. (Rewrite using ‘needn’t)

9. This is the best Christmas gift I have ever had. (Rewrite using the comparative form of the adjective.)

10. She writes plays for television. (Change into negative)


1. There was hardly anything in the box.

2. There are a few books lying on the table.

3. Standing on tip-toe, he reached for the apple.

4. Would you mind moving a bit?

5. There were two hundred children watching the game.

6. You need not attend the meeting on Monday.

7. He used to write poems when he was a student.

8. I needn’t have bought it.

9. This is better than any other Christmas gift I have ever had.

10. She does not write plays for television.

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