Noun clause exercise

Combine each pair of simple sentences into one complex sentence containing a noun clause.

1. You cheated him. That is his complaint.

2. The train will arrive at a certain time. Do you know the time?

3. He will win. It is certain.

4. He is mad. That makes him more dangerous.

5. He may be innocent. I don’t know.

6. The game was lost. It was the consequence of his carelessness.

7. Where have you put my hat? Tell me.

8. We have been deceived. That is the truth.

9. He distrusts his own sons. It is difficult to understand the reason.

10. He is a great orator. This fact cannot be denied.


1. That you cheated him is his complaint.

2. Do you know the time when the train will arrive?

3. It is certain that he will win.

4. That he is mad makes him more dangerous.

5. I don’t know whether he is innocent.

6. The consequence of his carelessness was that the game was lost.

7. Tell me where you have put my hat.

8. That we have been deceived is the truth.

9. It is difficult to understand the reason why he distrusts his own sons.

10. The fact that he is a great orator cannot be denied.